Senior Art Exhibit Opens


46th Annual Senior Art Exhibit Opens


An opening reception for the 46th Annual Senior Art Exhibit was held on Tuesday, March 6. The exhibit is open to the public in the David B. Belval Gallery, now through March 30.

This year's exhibit showcases the work of two featured seniors: Angela Wang, who has studied in the SBS Visual Arts Department since sixth grade; and Mindy Yaworski who has studied Visual Arts for all four years of high school.

For Angela, art is a way of understanding the world around her, in her own way. “It is my pursuit of persistent learning. It is my way of finding beauty in a world that is imperfect, incomplete, and incomprehensible and my way of sharing that knowledge to those who will view it.”

The majority of Angela’s artwork portrays humankind. The human figure can be fluid or tense, dynamic or static, geometric or organic, she says.

Most of Mindy’s displayed artwork takes the form of digital photography. Whether through drawings, pottery or her photography, her art has one thing in common: “I just create something to show others how I see something,” she says.  “I will always love art because it allows me to be in my own world where no one can tell me what to do.”

Additional works of art - which range from painting, drawing, pottery, photography, and even painting with nail polish - on display are by our seniors who have studied and are studying in Advanced Fine Arts I, II and III, Pottery, and 3-D Studio.

Those students are: Michelle Huang, Angela Abraham, Sydnie Ziegler, Qiaoling (Zoe) Hu, Alanii Encarnacion, Hunter Baillargeon, Connor Svab, Guthrie Belfiglio, Joseph Clement, Jenica McCauley-Logan, Peilun (Jordan) Cai, Emily Smith, Brandon Weimert, Jorge Vera, and Hanshu (Harry) Shao.

If You Go: The Senior Art Exhibit can be viewed weekdays between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., or by appointment. Contact Mrs. Kainz at 860-848-1271, ext. 312, or to arrange another time.