Senior Art Exhibit


Senior Art Exhibit Opens


An opening reception was held on Monday for Saint Bernard School's 45th Annual Senior Art Exhibit, which features the works of six students who have taken the Visual Art Department’s sequential program of study over the past four years.

The exhibit is open to the public daily March 8 to 31, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Six featured Senior Upper Fine Arts students have works on display in the David B. Belval Gallery:  Michaela Abate, Amanda East, Emmanuelle Givens, Anna McKinley, Lilikali Smith, and Carter Wallace. Their works range from paintings and colored pencil drawings to digital images.   

“I do art because it brings me closer to the world around me. It allows me to step back from fast-paced society and appreciate the simplicity and beauty of my surroundings,” Emmanuelle says.

Lilikali says art is about expression. “It’s about finding yourself though the process of creating…. Like a blank canvas, I have unlimited potential.”

Amanda says her years spent in the art department at Saint Bernard School have shaped her in a way she cannot describe. “Four years ago today I would’ve never guessed that I would be standing here with this volume of artwork,” she says. 

For Anna McKinley, “this expressive form serves as an outlet to not only observe and interpret but also to unwind."

Carter Wallace never thought he was talented enough to do great works of art. “I build my ideas as I go, and trial and error happens a lot along the way,” he says.

Michaela Abate says, through art, “I explore the depths of my mind, capture the complexities of human emotion, and portray the world in unique ways,” she says.

Also on display are pottery and photography by seniors Bailey Boettcher, Joseph Camperchioli, Juan Uran, and Haley Zawilinski.

To schedule another time to view the exhibit outside normal hours, please contact Mrs. Kainz at 860-848-1271, ext. 312, or  to set up an appointment.